Individual Treatment

An intensive one-on-one program for individuals suffering from alcohol and drug addiction is offered to provide a confidential and safe environment for treatment. The focus is aimed on the personal issues that need to be worked through in order to build strong recovery. This allows the patient to identify and address the particular issues behind his/her addiction, including many disorders involving dual diagnosis. By learning important science-based information about alcohol and drug addiction, new coping skills and self-monitoring abilities are developed. Being that this addiction treatment program is personalized, the emotional and physical stress related to alcohol and drug abuse can be closely and privately dealt with between the client, addiction counselor and psychologist.

The individual treatment program involves private psycho-therapy, in-depth educational sessions on the neuroscience of addiction, HIV/STD education, coping skills, anger management and the development of strong relapse prevention skills. Family therapy is also offered to help assist in identifying and addressing the issues that have weakened the family unit.

A thorough examination of the myraid of mental disorders that people suffering from addiction often face, including depression, anxiety, grief and loss, relationship issues, parenting challenges, and unresolved adult or childhood trauma, is also an integral part of this alcohol and drug treatment program.

Primary family members are encouraged to participate in bi-weekly family group sessions designed to provide support and insight while pursuing of a healthy reconnection with their loved one. These group family sessions are offered to provide the opportunity for families to share and encourage one another as their loved ones work on their recovery. Greater understanding of the effects that addiction has on each family can be enhanced as the recognition of the common struggles within the group forms. 
Through separate relationship therapy, patients and their families learn methods to restore fractured relationships. Focus is placed on the need to develop strong listening skills. This builds the foundation for each person to learn how to respond rather than react to any given circumstance as well as how to develop the ability to resolve conflict through healthy communication patterns.

The goal of this program is to provide the means for the client to process and heal with the direction of therapists who have the opportunity to give their full attention to the individual him/herself. Coupled with the family sessions that are offered, the successful recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is strengthened for both the person suffering from the addiction and their loved ones.


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