Interventions are a means for a third party - the interventionist - to assist those concerned with the addiction of another. The goal is to formulate a plan that effectively addresses the need for the addict to receive the appropriate care and direction to help stop the continuance of addictive behavior. Interventions are meant to serve as a method to "raise the bottom" for the addict before more destructive consequences and crisises occur.

The strength of interventions come from the fact that a group of people come together to become educated, prepared and committed to face, as a team, the issues that have resulted from the addiction. The goal of interventions is always to lovingly but firmly confront the addict from a position of unity and conviction and to present a shared bottom line and plan of action. The intent is to convince the addict that there is an undeniable need for the addiction to be addressed immediately in a pre-determined program where arrangements have been made prior to the intervention itself.

While interventions seem scarey and riddled with the risk of the addict further removing him/herself from those who are concerned, the reality is that an insidious and painful form of separation has already taken place once the addiction has taken hold. An uninterrupted life of addiction provides only one guarantee, and that is a guarantee of continued and increased separation coupled with more crisis for everyone. This is the stark reality of addiction and is the measurement upon which the decision of anyone concerned with the life and future of an addict should be based.

Should you find yourself wondering whether an intervention might be needed to prevent someone from continuing to damage him/herself with addictive behavior, please feel free to contact us at the Addiction Recovery Center of Temecula. We have a trained Intervention Specialist on staff who can provide you with answers that will address your concerns and who will assist you, should you choose to proceed, through each step of an intervention including the selection of a facility that will meet the needs of the one for whom you are concerned.

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