Adult Treatment Program

The Addiction Recovery Center of Temecula offers an adult treatment program for alcohol/substance use addiction recovery. This program provides a confidential, safe environment where anyone suffering from addiction can address substance use/co-occurring issues specific to each individual. Such topics as healthy relationships, causes of anxiety and/or depression, HIV/STDs and addiction, self-care, communication skills, and relearning behaviors to diffuse triggers and fears are explored, encouraging self-awareness and growth so that a strong and successful recovery can take place. In addition, family members are encouraged to participate in those parts of the program geared specifically for them so as to assist in the reconnection and restoration of the healthy family unit. An extended program is also available, if desired, which can provide personalized individual therapy and/or family therapy.

Treatment is facilitated by certified and licensed professionals (CADC II, SAP, PsyD) utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Therapy (DBT), and Didactical Therapy (DT). Treatment modalities include small group psycho-education, small group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, and multi-family therapy. A weekly aftercare program is offered at no additional charge upon completion of the addiction recovery program for a total of 10 months of treatment care.


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