Adolescent Treatment Program

The Addiction Recovery Center of Temecula offers group treatment programs for addiction recovery to adolescents two evenings per week and every Saturday morning with the focus being on those issues particular to the adolescent in recovery from addiction. Group educational classes, group processing sessions, and Saturday sessions are forums where topics that include the neurobiology of addiction, the social effects of alcoholism and/or drug abuse and relapse prevention are presented and discussed at length. The focus of treatment is for the promotion of self-awareness, the discovery of new thought patterns to replace unhealthy habits with healthy behaviors and coping skills, an understanding of HIV/STDs and addiction, and an in-depth understanding                                              of relapse prevention skills. An extended program is available, if desired,                                        which provides additional personalized individual therapy and/or family therapy.

All treatment sessions are facilitated by certified and licensed professionals (PsyD, ICADC, SAP), utilizing methods used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Didactic Therapy (DT). A weekly aftercare program is available at no charge for an additional 10 months following completion of the treatment program.


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