This center offers multiple levels of addiction treatment programs to address the issues involving alcohol abuse or drug addiction, sex addiction, pornography addiction and gambling addiction.. We provide a selection of cost-effective, competitively priced, addiction therapies in intensive out-patient  or residential settings that are based upon the most up-to-date scientific information available. Our Licensed Advanced Addiction Counselor who is also an Internationally Certified Addiction Counselor, Substance Abuse Professional as mandated by the Department of Transportation and Intervention Specialist - along with a staff of fully licensed psychologists, PhDs and MFTs - is dedicated to providing the most progressive education, individual encouragement and personal empowerment tools needed to promote sustainable recovery for those struggling with addiction and/or dual diagnosis disorders. We provide care in Temecula as well as in Los Angeles County, Orange County and San Diego County.  

The methods of providing treatment have evolved as a result of a deeper understanding of the biological causes and social issues that are a consequence of addiction. Each of our recovery programs use current scientific information on addiction to assist the client and family in coming to understand the biological complexities of addiction while assisting them in the discovery of  methods that promote a return to healthy brain and body functioning and restored personal interactions. Through the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Therapy and Didactic Therapy, integrated with the fundamentals of 12-step concepts, a direct and personal approach is made to promote the development of the coping skills necessary to recognize and disarm triggers, habits and fears that prompt destructive behavior and unhealthy perspectives.

The goal of each session is to identify and work on any issues that interfere with a client's thought processes and behavior and to learn the essentials required for strong recovery to take hold. The ability of our staff to select the therapy method best suited to address the specific needs of each client and family enables us to offer real treatment for real change.

These individual therapies, in conjunction with separate processing and educational sessions for both the client and their families, are structured to promote the restoration of health and personal relationships for both the one struggling with addiction and the family unit. By providing a safe and confidential environment where the issues stemming from addiction can be examined and worked on in their entirety, our clients and their family members have the opportunity to travel the road to recovery and healing together.  


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