We offer a 30 and 45-day residential program for those who need care apart from their usual daily circumstances. A calm and safe environment is provided for our clients to spend their evenings after completing a full-day of scheduled intensive sessions and fitness off-site.

The house is set in a quiet area and is outfitted with every amenity required to make the stay comfortable and productive including internet access. We offer private rooms to those who participate in this program so that there is an opportunity to have personal time at the close of each day. The goal is for a greater opportunity to be given to explore the issues that are being worked on during the day in treatment with little distraction. The census is kept low to allow a chance for participants to bond and help one another as treatment progresses. This brings a sense of belonging to the community that is an important aspect for life in any situation to be lived most productively and in balance.


Following the completion of our residential program, we offer a transitional program. Those participating in this treatment level begin to more fully integrate the skills that have been developed in a less structured environment while still receiving a moderate level of treatment multiple times per week. Full accountability and random drug testing is a part of this level of care so as to ensure that each element necessary for sustainable sobriety is kept at the forefront. An intense focus on the next step of sobriety is developed so that the return to home can be made in a fully prepared and well-planned manner.


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