The following images illustrate the degree to which the brain is damaged dependent upon the substance(s) used and the length of time of abuse. Most are aware of the damage that can occur with certain internal organs, e.g. the liver, but seeing these images takes away any question as to the impact on the brain that comes with alcohol and/or substance abuse.


Normal Healthy Brain 



           Top Down                                               Bottom Up         


Rotating View                                           Active View 


Effects of Long Term Alcohol Abuse on Brain



       Top View                                           Rotational View 


Effects of Cocaine Use on Brain


Top View

Effects of Methamphetanine Use on Brain


Top View

Effects of Herion/Opiates on Brain


Top View

Effects of Inhalants on Brain


Bottom View

Effects of Marijuana Use on Brain


Bottom View

Normal/Healthy Brain Image Compared to Long Term Alcohol and Drug Use Brain Images



        Normal Brain                  Long Term Alcohol Use           Long Term Drug Use 


A substantial portion of our programs are devoted to helping restore the brain. There are very specific methods that are designed to reconnect and strengthen those portions of the brain that have been compromised which are integrated in our treatment. This serves as a critical element to bring someone afflicted with addiction back to a place of health.


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