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This center offers multiple levels of addiction treatment programs to address the issues involving alcohol abuse or drug addiction, sex addiction, pornography addiction and gambling addiction.. We provide a selection of cost-effective, competitively priced, addiction therapies in intensive out-patient  or residential settings that are based upon the most up-to-date scientific information available. Our Licensed Advanced Addiction Counselor who is also an Internationally Certified Addiction Counselor, Substance Abuse Professional as mandated by the Department of Transportation and Intervention Specialist - along with a staff of fully licensed psychologists, PhDs and MFTs - is dedicated to providing the most progressive education, individual encouragement and personal empowerment tools needed to promote sustainable recovery for those struggling with addiction and/or dual diagnosis disorders. We provide care in Temecula as well as in Los Angeles County, Orange County and San Diego County.  

The understanding of the organic and/or consequential issues of addictive behaviour has grown rapidly throughout the past decade. This has lead to specific information that help the person struggling with addiction and their loved ones to better understand the Issues behind substance or process addictions which is invaluable to make a concrete and informed plan for recovery to be successful. The biological complexities of addiction require professional treatment to promote the return to healthy brain and physical function and restored personal relationships. Through the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Therapy, and/or Didactic Therapy, a direct and personal approach can be made to promote the development of the coping skills necessary to recognize triggers and habits and - most importantly - to disarm fear that prompt destructive behavior and unhealthy perspectives.

What is clear is that the journey to sustainable recovery depend upon three distinct stages of treatment; appropriate detox determined upon the medical, psychological, and type of addiction that a person is struggling with; potential residential treatment to immerse a person in the exploration and education of those issues that comprise the struggle with any addictive behaviour, or Intensive Out-Patient Treatment in a setting that allows for this exploration and education to be provided along with healthy goal setting; reintroduction into healthy daily living with continued mentoring and monitoring to assist in the strengthening of the recovery process.

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