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Sean O'Hara

"I have worked with Sidney Sarfaty for the past 5 years in two different environments dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues. Sid is professional, knowledgeable and extremely good with clients. He has excellent rapoire with clients and staff alike with the rare ability to integrate high standards, personal integrity and ethics into working with even the most challenging clients. I can highly recommend Sid to any company or person who seeks his services. I am all the better clinician for having had the opportunity to work with him"

Maryann Rosenthal, Ph.D
Best selling author, "Be A Parent, Not A Pushover" Clinical Director of Casa Palmera Treatment Center, Del Mar, CA.

"Sid's expertise, professionalism, and integrity make him my "go to" guy in helping our patients create an authentic vision of recovery. Sid's goal for his clients is to celebrate recovery. I trust his judgment without question knowing that he always speaks from a true place of healing."

Jeff S

"I am a 42-year-old male who has been struggling with chemical dependency and alcohol related issues since the age of 24. I have used many drugs from marijuana to Oxycontin and heroin. I have sought help at five traditional 12-Step In-Patient Rehabilitation Centers around the country with stays ranging from 30 days up to 110 days." "It was Sid Sarfaty's sharing with me his extensive knowledge of how the brain reacts to chemicals and the way my thought process works in direct relation to my behaviors in my life that helped me to learn the skills that have led me to a better and more productive life. Sid has been an enormous instrument in helping with my success with abstinence today. I will continue to use the knowledge and life skills that I've learned from Sid to lead a happy, joyous and free life without the use of alcohol or drugs."

Constantina M

"I want to voice my gratitude for Sid Sarfaty's insight concerning my daughter's struggle with substance abuse and to say how much I appreciate him for his efforts - above and beyond - in helping us navigate these treacherous waters of the insanity that ensues because of this abuse. I must also thank him for sharing his advice, caring and knowledge about the psychology of the addict and the manifestation and progression of the disease. But most of all, I want to acknowledge him for the integrity and character that he brings to every situation. By the Grace of God and the help of Sid Sarfaty my daughter is doing very well."

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